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Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 26. srpna 2013

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Power of mathematics: Reasoning about functional types

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 14. května 2013

One of the most amazing aspects of mathematics is that it applies to such a wide range of areas. The same mathematical rules can be applied to completely different objects (say, forces in physics...


Async in C# and F#: Asynchronous gotchas in C#

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 15. dubna 2013

Back in February, I attended the annual MVP summit - an event organized by Microsoft for MVPs. I used that opportunity to also visit Boston and New York and do two F# talks and to record a Channel9...


F# Data: New type provider library

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 28. března 2013

When F# 3.0 type providers were still in beta version, I wrote a couple of type providers as examples for talks. These included the WorldBank type provider (now available on Try F#) and also type ...


Overview of the .NET Framework

Václav Dajbych | publikováno 16. února 2013

The .NET is a very large framework and sometimes is hard to decide whether to code something or use an existing component of the framework. Sometimes is faster to code, but when production workload...


Upcoming F# talks and trainings (London, NYC & Boston)

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 7. února 2013

After a few years, I finally managed to find the time to attend the MVP Summit this year. The Summit is an annual event where people who are active in Microsoft technical communities come to...


Announcing: Literate programming tools for F#

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 22. ledna 2013

For some time now, I've been writing my F# blog posts (and other F# articles published elsewhere) by combining F# code snippets and Markdown formatting. In fact, I even wrote a Markdown parser in ...


Použití SQLite ve WinRT

Vašek Jirovský | publikováno 1. ledna 2013

Protože ve WinRT není zabudovaná databáze jako SQL CE, jednou z mála použitelných je SQLite. Při použití SQLite s nejrozšířenější knihovnou sqlite-net v WinRT aplikaci v ČR podmínkách můžete narazi...


Processing trees with F# zipper computation

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 19. prosince 2012

One of the less frequently advertised new features in F# 3.0 is the query syntax. It is an extension that makes it possible to add custom operations in an F# computation expression. The standard qu...


Manning: F# Deep Dives deal of the day

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 18. prosince 2012

The F# language has been around for longer than many people suspect. My first, completely outdated, blog post was from May 2006. The Microsoft Research releases, sometime around 2006 were the f...

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