TryJoinads (VII.) - Implementing joinads for async workflows

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 23. března 2012

The article Asynchronous workflows and joinads gives numerous examples of programming with asynchronous workflows using the match! construct. Briefly, when matching on multiple asynchronous workflo...


TryJoinads (VI.) - Parsing with joinads

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 21. března 2012

In functional programming, parser combinators are a powerful way of writing parsers. A parser is a function that, given some input, returns possible parsed values and the rest of the input. Parse...


Asynchronous client/server in F# (QCon 2012)

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 12. března 2012

Last week, I gave a talk on asynchronous programming in F# at London QCon 2012. The talk was a part of The Rise of Scala & Functional Programming track organized by Charles Humble. Reactive and as...


TryJoinads (V.) - Implementing the option joinad

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 2. března 2012

This article shows how to implement the joinad structure for one of the simplest monads - the option<'T> type. This is a slightly oversimplified example. The match! construct can be used to write...


TryJoinads (IV.) - Concurrency using join calculus

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 22. února 2012

Join calculus provides a declarative way of expressing asynchronous synchronization patterns. It has been use as a basis for programming languages (JoCaml and COmega), but also as a basis for libra...


TryJoinads (III.): Agent-based programming

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 20. února 2012

Another area where the match! syntax can be used is when programming with F# agents, implemented by the MailboxProcessor type. Formally, agents do not form the monad structure in a useful way - whe...


TryJoinads (II.): Task-based parallelism

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 17. února 2012

The implementation of joinad operations for the Task<'T> type is quite similar to the implementation of Async<'T>, because the two types have similar properties. They both produce at most one valu...


TryJoinads (I.) - Asynchronous programming

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 13. února 2012

Asynchronous workflows provide a way of writing code that does not block a thread when waiting for a completion of long-running operation such as web service call, another I/O operation or waiting ...


Introducing TryJoinads.org

Tomáš Petříček | publikováno 13. února 2012

(Click for a larger version) If you have been following my blog, you've probably already heard of joinads. It is a research extension of F# computation expressions (or monads in Haskell). The exte...


Připojení k telefonním sítím z Windows 8

Václav Dajbych | publikováno 22. ledna 2012

Windows 8 umožňuje připojení k 3G a 4G sítím bez instalace hardwaru či softwaru třetích stran. Je schopný po probuzení z režimu spánku obnovit připojení do jedné sekundy. Windows Update nebude stah...

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